Engine Company #2

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Engine Company #2


With the rapid expansion of the North Lindenhurst community, it became apparent to many of the community leaders that fire service needed to be locally available. Then on May 29, 1957 the North Lindenhurst Volunteer Fire Department held their first official meeting.


Engine Co. #2 began its fire fighting function with a 1947 American LaFrance pumper with thirty-five men. The officers were Capt. Leon Gumowski and Lt. Walter Reutlinger.


The men of Engine Co. #2 took their firefighting very seriously and prior to acquiring insurance, they were found on numerous occasions at North Babylon Fire Headquarters drilling with their equipment. Engine Co. #2 quickly showed itself to be an enthusiastic and skillful firefighting company.


To replace the 1947 American LaFrance, which was beginning to show its age, the company acquired a new 1960 1,000-gpm pumper by Mack. The officers responsible for the equipment were W. Reutlinger Capt., V. Schroder 1st Lt., and 2nd Lt. F. Bling.


Training never stopped with Co. #2 drilling twice a month regardless of the weather conditions. The men of Co. #2 were advancing their knowledge of firefighter procedures and techniques in the field classroom.


Needless to say the men of 1960 through 1973 showed no less enthusiasm or dedication than those men who began this department. As the 1960s rolled into the 1970s, so did the Mack. In 1973, it was replaced with a 1,250-gpm Mack truck known as the new 1-11-2.


The officers responsible for this were L. Risiglione Capt., A. Minite, Sr. 1st Lt., Jo Obriskie 2nd Lt.


From 1974 till present, Company #2 has had a few new things happen. In 1990 they replaced their Mack 1,250 gpm with a FMC 1,500-gpm pumper. At the present time they are having the 1990 FMC pumper refurbished.


Since the start, Co. #2 has had 28 Captains, two Chiefs, Presidents and Board Members. They still have company drills two times a month and a company meeting once a month.


The company has had many fundraisers that have been very successful and have run very smoothly throughout the years.


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Kenneth Stallone Jr. - Captain
Corey Finn - 1st Lieutenant
Cirino Sesto - 2nd Lieutenant